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Ellen - Stone Quarry
Ellen at the Quarry
When I came to L.A. from Boston I began working in fiber, twisting large metal rings into three dimensional forms and adding metal, shells and glass to the fibers. a lifelong interest in rocks and minerals then led me to stone carving. I studied, and eventually taught stone carving at Santa Monica College and at the University of Judaism. I then studied glass casting and flamework, designing pieces that would compliment the stone sculptures. Each new technique moved me to another level of inspiration. I went on to introduce copper and wood to my pieces. My most recent assemblage materials include electricity, cold steam and fiber optics.

All the mate rials I use are recycled, including the glass. Each piece is unique. The glass element is created in clay and then kiln cast in glass. The mold is destroyed and the assemblage work begins. Copper is manipulated, pounded, torched and included, then I hunt for the unexpected. Sometimes a piece will remain unfinished for years as I search for exactly the right "found object" that will bring it to life. I often have a dozen major works in process in the studio. I've incorporated lighting into the pieces so that the glass glows independent of outside sources. That way I'm sure that the finished work will look as I've intended, wherever it's placed. For many years, I worked exclusively and privately with interior and architectural designers. My work is held in private collections throughout the world.

Moved to California. Created multi-media sculptural weavings. Moved to Oregon and opened a gourmet health food restaurant Moved to Hawaii and studied ballet, photography, and continued weaving. Returned to California to study stone sculpture. Taught stone sculpture at Santa Monica College and University of Judaism. Studied Glass casting and torch formed glass. Moved to Seattle and continued sculpting in stone and glass adding wood and copper. Travelled to Europe and South Africa to study European and African art. Returned to California to create cast glass sculptures with metal and wood and anything else that seems right. Currently at work on a series of portrait character studies in glass and metal, and a number of kinetic, multi-media sculptures involving cold steam and fiber optics. Represented by Union Art Works, San Pedro,
Ellen Bay - San Pedro, CA 90731
Email: ellenbay @ ellenbay.com (no spaces)